The International Austral Film Festival arises from the reflection about the current production formats, recognizing that the ways we do things are highly polluting and little compromised with society.

The gap between film-making and society hinders the products and industry development.

We seek to break-up from the current paradigm, aiming to build formats with an environmental, social and economic sustainability perspective over time, to create a new industry, a Triple Impact one.

Production is historically centralized in certain models and this tends to lead it on standardized paradigms that makes it difficult for new filmmakers and new projects to thrive. It is our duty to propose alternative ways of production taht focus on economic, social and cultural sustainability, with a vision of social responsabilty and commitment with environmental awareness.


III Edition


"I know very well why I adopted cinema: so that it would adopt me in return. To teach me to play tirelessly with my gaze at what distance from me the other began”
                                                                                                                               Serge Daney


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