The International Austral Film Festival, based in Cordoba province, Argentina, is proposed as a space for reflection and sustainable, socially and economically conscious, audiovisual production.

Cinema speaks of society, criticise it, represents it.

Cinema is a part of society and that`s why we believe in cinema.

We consider that festivals are generators of aesthetics, and we propose to create a space that has as its central axis in the ideal that audiovisual realization can address these issues not only narratively but from their production formats, thus creating a new development model, attentive to society and the planet.

Production is historically centralized in certain models and this tends to lead it on standardized paradigms that hinder the appearance of new filmmakers and new projects.

It is our duty to propose alternative forms of production, which focus on sustainability  in economic, social and cultural terms with a vision of social responsibility with commitment and environmentaly aware.

“El cine es como el prólogo de un futuro extraordinario” - Daniel Salzano

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Transportador Oficial de FICA Festival Internacional de Cine Austral

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