Terms and conditions of the Austral Film International Festival

The following articles attest to the regulation that transversally crosses all the activities arranged by FICA. 

- Article 1°. Organizer and Location

FICA will be held in Córdoba, Argentina. Having their activities in state and in private spaces subject to modification in each edition thereof. The festival is organized by ILINX - Audiovisual Development, audiovisual content producer and cultural manager.


- Article 2°. Inscription 
Registration for the Festival is open to national and international audiovisual works, long, medium and short films, in fiction, documentary, experimental and musical genres.

Participating productions must have been completed after March 1st, 2019. The project representative must detail their desire to participate by sending the corresponding registration form duly completed, which will have the character of a sworn statement. If the information provided is not true, the material may be disqualified.

You may submit in any of this stages:

   · 1st: 02/01/20 to 03/31/20 for free

   · 2nd: 04/01/20 to 04/31/20 3 usd (US dollars) entry fee

   · 3rd: 05/01/20 to 06/30/20 5 usd (US dollars) entry fee

In adition, the festival will not pay for screening the selected works, as we consider it to be a space for visibility and containment for films.

Several projects (maximum 5) of the same director may be submitted but only one will be selected. The producing or distributing houses may present a free amount of projects, if a director repeats himself, the aforementioned will be applied.

- Article 3°. Selection

The official selection will be formally anounced by the selection team through e-mail to the project representative. The selection will be within the official Festival competition framework. The selection committee will only select one product per participant.

- Article 4°.  Participation
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations.

Once registered and selected, the audiovisual work can not be withdrawn from the official Festival program.

The technical and production teams of the selected works must commit themselves not to divulge the selection of their film until the Festival formally announces its official program.

- Article 5°. Showing
 The selection committee of the Festival schedules the competitive selections.

 The schedule includes:

   · International Feature Film Competition.
   · International competition of medium and short films.

   · Regional competitive show

   · Non-competitive show

   · Competitive show

   · Music video competitive show

   · One minute video competitive show

- Article 6°. Jurors
The evaluation committee will be composed of five members of diverse formation. Members of the festival's development team or those who may have an interest in the films presented in competition may not be members of the jury.
The votes of the jury will be secret and will be defined if necessary with fifty percent plus one. Said juries undertake not to reveal or express publicly their considerations on the works submitted for their consideration, before the official announcement of the awarded works.
A representative of the Festival must attend the deliberations of the Jury without the right to vote.

- Article 7°. Awards

The jury of the international competition (feature film, short film, one minute video and musical video; real action or animation of any technique) will award the following prizes;
    * Best Feature Film
    * Best Medium-length or Short Film
    * Best Actress
    * Best Actor
    * Best Direction


The jury of the international one minute video competition will award the following prizes;

    * Best one minute video

    * Best narrative effectiveness


The jury of the international music video competition will award the following prizes;

    * Best music video

    * Best direction

Special mentions may be added under the consideration of the jury.

- Article 8°. Public choice awards
As an entity, the FICA understands that the public is an essential element, so that through vote, developed after screenings, the best feature length, best medium length or short film, best music video and best one minute video, will be selected by the audience.

- Article 9°. Mention of participation
Audiovisual works through their managers, who make up the official selection, undertake to include in all advertising and press material the inscription "International Official Selection" along with the official logo of the Festival.
The award-winning audiovisual works, through their managers, must commit to highlighting in their advertising and press material the award obtained in conjunction with the Festival's logo.

- Article 10°. Screening
The awarded audiovisual works will participate in a non-competitive exhibition in order to decentralize the audiovisual projection of the big cities.

- Article 11°.

To apply to the FICA competition, registration must be completed through the Filmfreeway® or Festhome® platforms.
 Attach a copy of the spoken or subtitled audiovisual work in Spanish or English.

- Article 12°. Post official selection material
 When a work is selected for international competition, it will be required:
   · Complete registration form: synopsis of the film, biography and filmography of the director, photograph of the director and the film. List of complete technical and artistic team.
   · Posters, posters and / or official postcards of the film will be required to be used by the Festival's communication area
   · Fragments of 1 minute duration to be used in promotional material for the festival and the audiovisual work itself.
   · All selected works must have subtitles in Spanish if it is not their original speech.

- Article 13°. Commitment

 FICA undertakes to protect the audiovisual work and promote it only within the framework of projections designated in each edition, and if appropriate, in the subsequent exhibition.

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