Terms and condition of the Internacional Austral Film Festival | Third Edition · Cordoba, Argentina 2021
 FICA · III Edition · 2021

 The subsequent articles attest to the regulations of all the activities established by FICA. 


- Article 1. Organizer and venue
FICA will take place in Cordoba, Argentina. It´s activities will be held in state owned and private venues, subject to modification each year. The Festival is organized by Cultura de Triple Impacto®, an events producer entity whose purpose is to build a new cultural industry.

Also the Festival if the production team wishes or if the soial situation demands it, may have a stricly virtual edition or a mix between virtual and face-to-face 

- Article 2. Submitions 
Submisions to the Festival is open for international audiovisual products, either feature films, half-lenght films and shortfilms, in all existing genres: fiction, documentary, experimental or musical. In real action or animation.

Every subtimed content must have been finalized after March 1, 2019.
The project representative must detail their wish to participate by completing the inscription on the aplication platform of their choice (FilmFreeway® o festhome®), wich will be an affidavit. If the providedinformation turns out to be false, that submition will be disqualified.

*FICA will not pay for screening the selected product since we consider that this is a space for visibility and positioting for films. Likewise, if a virtual edition is held the Festival will never aply geo-blocking on any content. To inform this, the programming team will contact the product representative.

Several projects (maximum 5) by the same director may be presented, but the festival will only select one. Producer or distribution parters may present a free number of projects, and if more than one submited product is directed by the same director, the aforementioned will be aplied. 

- Article 3. Seletion

The offici​al selection will be formally communicated by the selection team to the project representative email. The selection will only be within the Festival current edition and only one product per director will be selected.

The Festival will only reach to contact the project representative twice, through the provided email at the registration. That is, sending they the selection announcement two times. If they have not responded in  these atempts, the selected product will be out of the official selection. 

- Article 4. Entry
Taking part of the Festival implies accepatance of these regulations.

Once a product is registered if it is selected, it can not be withdrawn from the Festival official programming, unless some type of inconsistency arises in the received material. 
It´s neccesary that the product representatives send to the Festival all the material in the specified formats. If FICA does not receive the material as solicited the product will be disqualified.

- Article 5. Screenings

The Festival selection comittee schedules the following competitive and not-competitive selections, that includes:

  · International Feature Film Competition
  · International competition for medium and short lenght films

  · Regional Competition (LATAM)

  · Non-competitive 

  · Music Video Competition

  · One-minute videos competition 

  · Family films competition


- Article 6. Juries

The evaluation comittee will be composed of three to five members of diverse backgrounds. Members of the Festival production team or anyone who has been part of the production of a submited film, cannot be a member of the Jury. 

Votes of the Jury will be kept secret. Selection will be defined, when neccesary, with fifty percent of the votes plus one. Said Juries undertake not to reveal or publicly express their considerations before the official announcement of the winning products.


- Article 7. Awards
Juries of the international competitions (feature film, short film, one-minute video and music video, live action or animation of any technique) will award the considered optimal prizes by the team of judges for each competition.


- Article 8. Audience Award.

FICA uderstands the audience as the essential part of the industry tath it is. So that trough voting carried out after screenings, the audience will vote the favourite products of each competition.

- Article 9. Participation mention
All selected products that make up the official selection, undertake to include in all advertising and press material the legend "International OffIcial Selection" along with the Festival logo. 

The awarded products also undertakes to highlight in their advertising an press material the obtained award along with the Fesival logo.

- Article 10. Screenings
All the selected products within FICA may be invited in the future to be part of CineViajante, an itinerant non competitive exhibition thath seeks to  bring new audiovisual products to new  audiences. By accepting these regulations, those responsible for the products are open to stay in touch to talk about diferente ways of showcasing a product, so that cinema can be used as a tool for social transformation.


- Article 11. Necessary material to apply

To ap​ply to FICA competitions, you must complete the registration through Fillmfreeway® or FestHome® and attach a copy of the audiovisual product subtitled in Spanish or English. 

- Article 12. Post official selection materila

When an audiovisual product is selected for international competition, FICA will need this info:

Film synopsis, credits, a curious fact, country of origin, year of completion, frames of the film, official poster, trailer, spanish subtitles (this is mandatory), and subtitles in any other language of ypur chose (this is optional for virtual screenings). This material must be delivered through the form taht will be sent by to the selected products.


All selected products must have spanish subtitles if this is not it´s original voice. If thiss requirement is not fulfilled the product  wil be disqualified.

FICA also need to collect an authorization signed by the product representativesfor screenings. A sample document will be provided.

- Article 13. Commitment
FICA undertakes to protect the audiovisual products and to promote all of them only in timebound of the Festival current edition, and if aplicable, in the subsequent exhibitions.


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